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Projects Recently Completed

Websites/Web Applications

Medical website for your health tips and appointment
elephant Dental
Elephant Dental Garden City-Dental Hospital

Mobile Applications

Storiez is a Flutter mobile application that make you share your fun moments with your friends-

Development Technology used: Flutter

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Online Tutor is a self learning Android Application based  on Kenyan curriculum-

Development Technology used: Java

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Architectural Designs

Proposed storage space in Kakamega.The storage space contains:

  1. Double Volume Space
  2. Balcony
  3. Washrooms
  4. For the interior, Granite was used

4 Bedroom Maisonette

maison 3 (4)
maison 3 (1)
maison 3 (3)
maison 3 (2)

Designing and supervision of proposed 4 Bedroomed maisonette in valley view Kenyatta road. The features are;

  1. Entry porch
  2. Dining room
  3. Lounge
  4. Kitchen
  5. Store
  6. Two Balconies
  7. Four bedrooms( Master bedroom, Guest room and 2 general rooms)

Interior Designs

render 1 (1)
Interior design-Operational hospital theatre-Location Parklands
render 1 (2)
Interior Design- Theatre

Our Visionary HeadQuarters

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-19 at 11.57.45 AM
Aeriel view complex

The complex was designed by iROB Tech architects and engineers. The complex has a basketball court, virtual golf simulator, an infinity pool that almost seems to touch the horizon and 2 helipads(We had our wealthy clients and workers in mind while designing). It includes a massage therapy room, a fitness center with floor to ceiling windows and Mable jacuzzi tubs. The complex will be build on 5 million square feet for hosting our employees and students in future.